5 Easy Steps To Feeling Great

Here are 5 easy steps to feel great and get more out of your day. They are often
overlooked, but when you apply them each and every day your life will gain momentum and joy.

Do you want an easy way to start feeling great instantly?
Here are my 5 Easy Steps –

1. SMILE – sounds simple doesn’t it? It is. When you approach the
day with a smile on your face you are guaranteed to have a
great day. Think back to the last time you got out of bed feeling
happy. I bet your day went brilliantly – great car space, excellent
service in the shops, work colleagues awesome. It works because
what you project is what you will get in return.

2. POSTURE – if you’re feeling less than wonderful, check your
posture. Chances are you’re hunched over in your chair or stooping
as you walk along. Sit and stand straight and tall, take a deep
breath to fill those lungs with air and you will feel an immediate

3. WATER – I know you’ve heard it before but it’s so true. When
your body is hydrated, everything improves – digestion, skin,
memory, energy levels – everything. Water is cheap, readily
available and the best medicine on the planet. So go on, drink
your two litres daily and feel the benefits.

4. GRATITUDE – develop that attitude of gratitude and
notice what a difference it makes to your life. Be thankful for all
the good things you have, the love, the beauty, the fresh air,
your cat, your dog, your garden, your home, your friends.
Express your gratitude out loud every day and set up a positive
vibration for yourself which will attract even more positive
things into your life.

5. REWARD YOURSELF – regular rewards to yourself keep you
motivated and positive. This can be a really difficult thing for
many people to do. Many of us feel we are undeserving of being
treated well, especially by ourselves. Until you can accept the
concept of self reward and participate in it on a regular basis,
it will be difficult for you to move forwards in your life.
Small rewards work as well as large rewards, so go on, treat
yourself to something nice, healthy and life affirming, every day.

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