A Change Is As Good As A Holiday

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

A Change Is As Good As A Holiday – that’s what ‘they’ say. Sometimes when we feel a bit down or even when we’re desperately unhappy, we try to fix ourselves by changing jobs, finding a new partner or moving house. Whilst this might give us something fresh to focus on, once the novelty has worn off and in a very short space of time, we’re likely to find ourselves feeling exactly the same way. Still unhappy, unfulfilled and looking for that missing ingredient in life that will make us happy.

As I’ve mentioned before, when you look to the external for your happiness and fulfillment, it never lasts. It may sustain you for a day, a week or a year but it will fail, I promise you. The only way to guarantee, 100%, that you can make changes in your life that will get you the happiness and joy you deserve, is to change on the inside. External changes are not really within your control, even though you choose to make them. For example, if you decide to get a new partner, that person is not within your control because they have their own thoughts and make their own decisions (no matter how compliant they may seem at times.) Similarly, a new job is not within your control because there are other people there and a boss.

For complete control over your life, you must be in control of your own state, your own mind and your own actions. This often involves doing work on releasing the trauma, pain and resentment of the past and allowing yourself to learn positive lessons from that past. Remember, every past, no matter how traumatic or painful, has positive lessons to be learned from it.

The really exciting thing about making those internal changes, is that as soon as you change yourself, everything around you changes as well. This is like magic and it’s absolutely guaranteed! When you change, you give off a different energy and people will respond to you differently. Even the people who really push all your buttons, will cease to be so annoying, when you’ve made the changes you know you need to make. It’s not really them who have become less annoying, it’s you who are different!

I always used to have serious issues mingling with large groups of people I didn’t know, even though I would happily speak to huge audiences from a stage. A few years ago, this really came to a head when I was training as a NLP Practitioner. We’d break for lunch or coffee and there would be three or four hundred people, all chatting away in a large room and I’d be standing alone in a corner, feeling extremely uncomfortable. This went on for a few days and then I decided I needed to change, I was sick of feeling so disempowered and out of place.

During the next few days of training, at every opportunity, I worked on the issue and (miraculously) the break times changed for me. People included me in the conversations and came up to me to start a conversation. Had all these people had a simultaneous group change of heart? Of course not! I had worked on changing myself and everything around me changed as a result.

Is there something in your self you know you need to change now? Don’t waste another day feeling disempowered and miserable. Call me for Life Coaching to make the positive changes you know you need to make and get ready to shine!

When you are ready to change for good, right now, call Ingrid on 0416 243 444 for your free 15 minute consultation to discover which life coaching package is right for you.

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