A Life Of Quiet Desperation…

Does this describe your life? Quietly and desperately going through the motions
and being immobilized by pain and grief? Surely there’s more for you than this?
Yes, there is. When you are ready to step up and change, to
take control of your emotions and your life, to be the very best you can be…when
you’re ready for that now, your life will change forever!
Sometimes this can seem an impossible dream that we hardly even dare to dream.
The great news is that it’s not a dream – it’s a reality, when you make it so. How
do I know this? I’ve done it! A few years ago I made a decision to change myself and
my life. I was brought up with the belief that life was tough and ‘the good life’ was
not for the likes of me. This belief did not serve me well at all. What it got for me
was hardship, poverty and depression. After living this life of lack for way too many
decades, eventually I decided that I’d had enough of the lack and disempowerment
and that I was worth much more than that. The story of how I achieved the changes
can be found in one of my earlier posts – The Magic Of NLP – My Personal Journey.
Everything in that story is absolutely true and my life now, a few years down the
track is very different. I am standing in my power and helping others to do the same,
using the tools and technologies of Life Coaching and NLP. The fibromyalgia which
had (literally) immobilized me for years, has gone. The levels of physical pain have
greatly diminished and I have way more energy and stamina than when I was younger.
The mind is an incredibly powerful tool and by changing your beliefs and mindset you
can change not only yourself, but the world!
Now that you are ready to change you will notice how much different your life will be.
You can have the life of your dreams, you deserve the life of your dreams.
Dare to dream big and make it happen!

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