A-Z Of Life Coaching

A is for ATTITUDE.
When you have a positive attitude to your life, you get back positive attitudes from the world and the people around you.
B is for BELIEF.
What you believe about yourself and your world will present itself to you on a daily basis.When your beliefs limit you or prevent you from achieving what you want, it’s time to change them.
C is for CHOICE.
You always have a choice, to be happy or not; to move forward or stay stuck.
The decisions you make, unconscious and conscious, shape the results you will get.
E is for ENERGY.
If you want energy to burn, let go of the past that’s hanging like a weight on your shoulders.
F is for FEAR.
The overcoming of fear is the best achievement you could ever make.
G is for GREAT.
You can be great if you just allow yourself to step up and take control of your life.
H is for HEALTHY.
True health includes all aspects of yourself – mind, body and spirit. Pay attention to all three and see how wonderful life can be.
I is for ISSUES.
The true hero is someone who is willing to work through their issues and become a better human being.
Judgement of yourself and others holds you back from finding your true self.
K is for KIND.
Be kind to yourself and others and life will be kind to you.
L is for LOVE
When you learn to love yourself, you allow the world to give you love in return.
M is for MINDSET.
Your mindset determines how your life will unfold. Control your thoughts and you control your life.
Negativity will eat away at you until it has sucked all the joy from your heart.
O is for OPEN.
Be open to new things and to changing your life.
What you project out to the world will be returned to you. You might as well project happiness and love!
Q is for QUALITY.
To get the best quality of life, you need to have quality of thoughts and emotions.
Resentment means you have given your power away. Take it back and become the architect of your own life.
S is for SUCCESS.
All success starts with successfully managing your emotional state.
T is for THOUGHTS.
Keep them positive and notice the improvement in your life.
U is for UNWORTHY.
Only you have your special combination of genes, talents and experience to share with the world. You are a worthy member of the human race.
V is for VALUE.
To bring value into the world, acknowledge the value of yourself.
You can have the wonderful life you so richly deserve when you tap into your true happiness and are filled with self belief and confidence.
You are indeed xceptional and it’s your mission on earth to show this to the world.
Y is for YOU.
You are responsible for you and only you. Take this responsibility seriously and be the best you you can be.
Z is for ZEALOUS.
Be zealous in your efforts at self improvement and you will be rewarded with a joyful life.

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