What Makes You Happy?

Happiness can be fleeting, an illusion that is almost grasped before it slips deftly
around the corner to taunt you with another unfulfilled desire…
Some people seem to be happy most of the time, regardless of what’s going on in
their lives and some people seem to be miserable most of the time, again, regardless
of external events. Why is that, do you think?
What needs to happen in your life to make you happy? Is it for your loved ones to be
happy, a nice house, the right car, a designer handbag, the perfect job? What is it
for you?
And when you get the thing you want, how long do you stay happy?
That’s the thing – when you need something on the outside of yourself to feel happy,
it’s not happiness at all. It’s an external factor that actually has nothing to do with
happiness. It’s a distraction to fill the hole within. (See my post called ‘Gimme More’
for further information.)
Real, sustainable happiness comes from within.
When you are filled with self esteem and self acceptance, when you know you are a
worthy human being and when you know this deep in your soul, you will be happy.
Life Coaching is a wonderful tool to help you get true, solid, sustainable happiness
that will bubble up consistently, despite the “dramas” of your life. This is the happiness
of a person who is so grounded in their own self worth and self belief that they
easily cope with whatever life presents to them.
They do this because they don’t blame themselves for other people’s issues and
problems and take full responsibility for their own actions. This attitude brings
with it an enormous amount of freedom from stress and pain, nothing can shake
the self belief and this is, truly, the key to being happy.
The first step on the road to true happiness is to believe that you deserve to be happy.
And guess what? You do…everyone deserves to be truly happy and to live a joyful,
positive and empowered life full of love and rich experience and learning. It’s what we
are here to achieve, regardless of personal circumstances, everyone is capable
of true happiness. You can be short, tall, pretty, ugly, rich, poor, outgoing, introverted,
it doesn’t matter.
You are a worthwhile person and you can achieve happiness.
Wouldn’t you like to be one of those people who are always happy, who deal with life
in a positive and empowered way? Even if you’ve always been one of those others whose
glass is always half empty, you can change now. I used to be the person who was
always negative and pessimistic, resentful and unhappy – it’s absolutely true. Now I
feel happy and cope with setbacks in an empowered way. Life Coaching has shown me
how to be happy and it will work for you too.

When you are ready to achieve true, sustainable happiness right now, call Ingrid on 0416 243 444 for your free 15 minute consultation to discover which life coaching package is right for you.

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