Age Is Just A Limiting Belief!

How old are you?
How old do you feel?
What you believe about your age is what you will present to the world. I went to
primary school with some elderly people! Seriously, they were like old men and
women in the bodies of six year olds.
Now, I’m of the age where people are often retired. I recently attended a dinner
with about sixty people of around the same age – ‘baby boomers’ one and all.
What an eye-opener that was for me!
These people were, almost without exception, retired. Their conversation was
about pensions, caravan holidays and grandchildren. There’s nothing wrong with
any of those things and I’m always happy to talk about my grandson BUT when it
was suggested to me that my husband and I could retire and receive a variety of
war service pensions, I felt a physical blow to my solar plexus.
The thought of not being able to do my Life Coaching and NLP made me feel sick
and very distressed. You see, I’ve found the work that fulfills me and makes me
feel I’m making a valuable contribution to humanity. It motivates me and
keeps my mindset young. I had nothing in common with all those people who are
the same age as me, I simply couldn’t relate to the lives they live as something
that I would want for myself. By the same token, they all looked at me as though I
was from another planet.
Whilst respecting their model of the world it was very clear that retirement is not
on the cards for me for a very long time.
The only thing separating me from them is – my mindset.
My parents had a friend years ago, who was healthy and fit. Then, he turned sixty
and he literally said,”Right, I’m an old man now” and proceeded to deteriorate at
an amazing rate. He spent the next five or so years going from perfectly healthy to
doddery on his feet to wheelchair bound to a nursing home to his grave. His mind
told him he was old, so he was.
The mind is incredibly powerful and just as it can set up a negative mindset around
age, it can also be tuned to a positive mindset, where we retain our youthful vigor
and energy. It can keep us interested in life and all it has to offer.
‘You are only as old as you feel’ is an old and very wise saying. It’s not necessary
to become a stereotypical ‘old person’ as you age. You don’t have to dress in beige
like your grandmother did and you don’t have to lose your identity and become an
‘old person’. Age disgracefully, I say!!!

As we age chronologically, it actually brings a lot of freedom. For example, women
who are no longer menstruating are able to plan outings and holidays without
wondering whether to bring pads and tampons with them or whether they’ll be able
to swim or need pain relief from cramps. We’re no longer bound by the demands of
young children, being a taxi driver or a party planner for a group of five year old
fairies, unless we choose to do this for grandchildren. We’re free to go for coffee
when and where we want, we can eat in restaurants without playgrounds and we
can go out and not smell of baby vomit!! All good!!

If you feel thirty-five and your birth date says otherwise, then you’re doing a great
job of being unconfined by the limitations of your birth certificate. Believe you’re
healthy and vibrant with something of value to offer the world – and it will be so.

If you would like some help in getting there, Life Coaching and NLP is the way to
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