Are You Proud Of Your Achievements?

Have you done wonderful things in your life?
Do people admire and congratulate you for your achievements?
Have you reached pinnacles of success in finances and career?
And yet…you feel sad, incomplete, not good enough.
Why is that?
How is it possible that you can appear to have it all and feel like a hollow shell?

I was asked once if I thought there was one common, underlying issue that
most people had, regardless of the symptoms they were presenting. I thought
carefully about the hundreds of people I’ve worked with over the years and
decided that there is indeed, one common issue that causes most of our problems.
I believe this issue is a lack of self worth and self esteem.
Whether the symptoms are depression, obesity, shyness, anorexia, anger, self
harm, negativity, substance abuse or anything else, I believe this is the underlying
Consider your own issues and see that this is true. Even the person who is brash
and loud, who appears to be oozing self confidence, is usually a frightened,
insecure little child inside. In fact, the louder they are, the more likely it is they are
hiding that scared inner child.
When you look at the human race in this light, compassion and love is very easy to
feel. When you see that most people are just as unsure of themselves as you are,
you can feel empathy and fellowship with one another.
Life coaching and NLP is a fantastic tool to help you get that true sense of self
worth and self esteem.
Next time you hear someone loud and obnoxious, look beyond the noise and see
it for what it is – a protective shell.
When you get angry, remember, anger comes from fear.
When you look at all your achievements, feel proud and allow yourself to believe
that you are a worthwhile and unique human being.
It’s okay to feel proud of yourself for doing something good.
It’s okay to have high self esteem.
It’s okay to feel confident and certain of who you are.
These things are not the same as being arrogant, conceited or vain, they come
from a deep core of love and respect for yourself and that is what we should all
be striving to achieve in life. We should all be working towards that deep well of
self love and self respect and the only person who can give it to you is you…
that’s right.
A genuine sense of self respect does not depend on what someone else says or
does or whether this person likes or dislikes you. These things are irrelevant to
the person who has a real and true sense of self worth.

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