Are You Really Over Your Ex?

Are you really?
When someone mentions him or her, does your blood boil, your teeth clench,
your stomach knot and your blood pressure rise?
If any of these things happen, no matter how often you tell yourself you are over
him/her, I’m sorry to say, you’re not!

So many people tell themselves they are ‘over him/her’ and think if they repeat
it often enough, it will make it so. When the pain and resentment just won’t go
away in spite of all the affirmations, Life Coaching will help.
But does it really matter if you carry your resentment and anger with you for the
rest of your life? Absolutely! When you go through life dwelling in the past and
bearing the burden of old pain and anger, it effects everything else in your life and
will eventually cause physical illness. This is a proven fact.
Holding onto all the old negative emotions stifles your creativity and prevents
you from achieving your true potential. You can waste an entire lifetime just
thinking bad thoughts about an ex and believing you are harming them in some
way by holding on to the old feelings. In reality, the only person being hurt by
this is you.

It is difficult to devote yourself wholeheartedly to a new relationship when you
have all this pent up anger and seething resentment just waiting to boil over.
Perhaps you find yourself firing up in violent rage for no apparent reason and
out of all proportion to the current situation. Even anger management doesn’t
work for you. The thing with anger management is that the root cause is still
there and it requires massive willpower to keep the lid firmly clamped down on
all those negative emotions.
Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier to get rid of the root cause? Of course it would
and Life Coaching is the way to do it for once and for all so you can move on
and embrace your life completely.
Beating yourself up and feeling resentful will hold you back and make you sick.
You deserve so much more than that!
Believe it or not, when you can think of your ex in a peaceful way and actually
wish them well – yes, I did say wish them well – your whole life will change for
the better. We should all aim to carry only positive energy and positive thoughts
with us. When we do this, we set up a positive vibration which radiates out into
all areas of life and attracts more positive things to us.
You’ve heard the saying that one bad apple will spoil the whole barrel? In the
same way, one lot of negative emotions will spoil the energy of the whole
body and the whole life.
NOW is the time for you to forgive your ex completely and send him/her positive
energy and loving thoughts! Recognize him/her for the flawed, beautiful human
being he/she is, complete with his/her own set of faults and foibles – just as you

When you are truly ready to move on and let your ex go for once and for all right now, call Ingrid on 0416 243 444 for your free 15 minute consultation to discover which life coaching package is right for you.

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