Ask For What You Want!

Sounds easy doesn’t it?
But how often do you ask for what you really want?
In life we usually get what we need, getting what we want is a whole other
Whether you look at it from a physical or a metaphysical perspective, asking for
what you want is the key to getting what you want.
Let’s look at the physical aspect first.
Just say you’re buying a brand new car, you’re in the dealership and they have
the exact model you’re after but they don’t have your preferred color. The
salesperson is very persuasive and is pushing hard for you to take the car on the
floor because what he wants is to shift that particular vehicle. You really want
the bright red version you saw in the catalogue and he really wants to sell you the
dogs’ disease yellow car on the showroom floor.
What do you do? You can allow yourself to be pushed into taking the nasty yellow
one and hate it forever, probably selling it in one years time or you can ask for
the red one and wait for it to arrive, knowing you’ll love it for many years.
Unless you’re strong and accustomed to asking for exactly what you want,
chances are you’ll take the yellow and try to tell yourself it was the best thing to
do for a variety of unbelievable reasons.

Where in your life do you put up with less than what you really want?

Let’s look at the metaphysical now. Unless you ask the universe specifically for
what you want, the universe doesn’t know what to deliver to you. There is
abundance for all in the universe, yes, even for you. In order to get your share
of that abundance, you need to ask the universe for exactly what parts of
that abundance you want.
When you think about it carefully and honestly, you realize that most people
do things that other people really want and put their own needs last. I call it
‘doormat syndrome’.
There is a big difference between being kind and helpful and being a doormat.
When you continually put your own needs last and don’t ask for what you
want, you become disempowered and depressed, resentful and angry – that’s
no way to live your life.
This is particularly problematic for many women. We are brought up to be
caring and it’s our natural instinct to be nurturers, especially when we have
children. It becomes a problem when we become unable to say ‘no’ to anyone
about anything, often to the detriment of our own health and well being.
Decide today that you are going to ask for what you want.
You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel and how much more you will enjoy
your life.
Do you always get what you want when you ask for it?
No, you don’t but you have way more chance of doing so when you clearly state
exactly what you want so other people and the universe know how to fulfill your
Struggling with the concept of asking for what you want? Life Coaching and
NLP can help you become more assertive and confident.

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