Baby Oil Is Great For Baby Massage…Isn’t It????

With a name like ‘Baby Oil’ you’d think it would be a perfect medium to massage your baby…
in truth, it’s the last thing you should be putting on your baby’s tender, delicate skin, or
any skin for that matter.
Baby oil is a petrochemical product, derived from petroleum. This means it is chemically
incompatible with human skin – it blocks the pores, prevents the skin from breathing
and sits on the surface as a greasy film. In many cases it also causes allergies and itchiness
or redness of the skin.
A brand new baby should only be massaged with a small amount of Virgin Sweet Almond oil.
If there is colic, you can add 1 drop only of mandarin pure essential oil and if there is difficulty
in settling the baby, 1 drop only of lavender pure essential oil. Make very sure they are indeed
pure essential oils and not synthetic fragrant oils. The best way to tell is price – if you paid
$3-$5 for it, throw it away, it will do serious damage to anyone’s skin but especially that
of your baby!
Vegetable or plant oils are suitable for baby and older human skins because they have a
similar chemical composition to sebum (the naturally produced oil in human skin). This
means they are readily absorbed and do not block the pores or prevent the skin from
Most products commercially made for the skin are derived from petroleum – sorbolene,
vaseline, moisturisers and body lotions are generally petrochemically based. This is true
of very expensive and exclusive skincare products, even if they use pure essential oils as
a part of the formulation. Anything that has petrochemical ingredients should be avoided
on the skin.
These days there are products available that do not contain any petrochemical or synthetic
ingredients. They are much better for your skin and, ironically, quite often much better
for your wallet too!
If you are interested in a comprehensive range of totally natural skincare, you may be
interested in my range of products – The Ingrid Perri Range.

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