Be Your Own Best Friend

Are you your own best friend or are you really your own worst enemy?
How often do you make choices that are less than life affirming, less than
healthy and less than empowering?
How often do you put your own needs so far at the bottom of the list that they
are rarely, if ever, met?
If you are like most women, that’s how you live your life, putting everyone else
before yourself.
It’s how women are taught to be, caring and nurturing and it’s how we are by
nature. It becomes a problem when you forget how to look after yourself,
physically, intellectually and spiritually and you become a shell of a human
being who has forgotten who she really is inside.
You forget that you used to enjoy doing certain things – perhaps reading a good
book, going to the theatre to see a play (not a pantomime or childrens musical),
going shopping for clothes with a friend. Whatever it was for you, you don’t
remember it. I see so many women like this in my Life Coaching and NLP practice.
They really have forgotten how to take care of them.
Thankfully, the fact that they come for help means there is still a trace of self
preservation left and that trace can be resurrected and made to grow into a
healthy level of self esteem and interest in being a whole woman again.
Using a variety of techniques and processes, they are helped to reconnect with
the essence of themselves and are then able to move forwards with renewed
energy and interest in life.
When they open themselves up to new experiences and the pure joy of living, they
rediscover a passion for life that was missing for a long time.
Losing that passion is not a conscious decision – it’s something that happens slowly,
over time, while they are bringing up a family and always putting the family before
themselves. When the family is grown up and living their own lives, suddenly, the
emptiness seems to be confronting them and demanding to be filled. One of my
other posts talks about this – see Gimme More.
When a woman is lost in the business of raising a family, often she doesn’t eat well
or take time out to relax and be herself rather than being ‘Mum’. Decisions are
made for the well being of everyone else and her own mental, emotional and
physical needs are ignored. She becomes her own worst enemy!
Even worse than ignoring these needs can be the measures taken to cope with
the feelings of being over burdened. These can be excessive alcohol consumption,
smoking, taking pills (legal or illegal), eating rubbish, over-eating or not eating
at all, reliance on caffeine and a whole variety of other things. This is when you
have indeed become your own worst enemy and the situation cannot be sustained
indefinitely. The body will start to object strenuously to such long term mistreatment.
Often, this is when a woman notices new health problems or stress symptoms.
The good news is that help is at hand, assistance that is rapid and extremely effective.
Life Coaching and NLP is the answer!

When you are ready to become your own best friend, call Ingrid on 0416 243 444 for your free 15 minute consultation to discover which life coaching package is right for you.

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