Change The Attitude, Change The Life!

That sounds simple doesn’t it? Surely it can’t be that easy to improve your life…
but guess what? It is.
Have you ever had a day when you got out of the wrong side of the bed? You
got up grumpy and irritable? Of course you have, we all have those days. Once
you’ve decided to be grumpy, the rest of the day goes pretty much to a pattern –
can’t find a car park, poor service at the shops, children more annoying than
usual, you burn the dinner and a great big pimple comes up on your nose.
Then, you wake up next morning and you feel great for no good reason. You
jump out of bed energetically, your clothes look stunning on you and you’re
having a fantastic hair day! Everyone smiles at you all day long and you are
in the zone, life is fabulous!
How can two days be so very different when in reality, everything is the same?
Your family, friends and work colleagues are the same, your body and your clothes
are the same, yet you feel completely different.
The answer lies in your mindset. That’s right, how you’re thinking and feeling at
any given moment, directly effects the results you will get in your life. Everything
you believe about yourself and think about your life is what you are manifesting
in your every day existence. Your mind creates your reality! That’s right…
If this is true, then why isn’t everyone happy and rich?
Good question and I’m glad you asked.
We grow up absorbing the beliefs and values of our parents and other family
members. Children are sponges who soak up everything around them, without
even realizing that sometimes these beliefs will hold them back in their adult
For example, I was brought up to believe that only other people had money and
that the world was a tough and unfair place where I would have to struggle to
survive. I learned to resent people who were well off. I took this on board
unquestioningly and it dictated my behavior for fifty years. This meant that I
struggled and expected lack, pain and hardship and boy, did I get it!
When I discovered Life Coaching and NLP, everything changed for me. I came to
see that I could change my life by changing my beliefs, so I did just that.
What we look for in life is what we find. When I started looking for prosperity and
success and expecting it as what I deserve, it started coming to me. The more I
expect my life to be exciting and fun and financially rewarding, the more it is so.
The reverse is also true. When we look for difficulty and stressful situations, there
they are, right on cue!
Remember when you bought your last car – you noticed that there suddenly
seemed to be hundreds of them on the road, where previously, you’d never noticed
them? You focused on them and then they were there. They were, of course, always
there but until you had them in your consciousness, you simply didn’t see them.

This is huge – this means you are completely in charge of your life!
Wow, that’s exciting. How can you get to a place where you can produce what you
want in your life? The perfect relationship, the perfect job, the perfect house?
They’re all there.
I know many people who have visualized and focused upon what they wanted,
right down to the tiniest detail (the perfect partners eye color, shape of nose even)
and they’ve got it.
Does this sound hard? Not sure where to begin? If you’d like some help in deciding
and manifesting what you want, take advantage of some Life Coaching and NLP.
Once you truly know that you are in control of this and you are the architect
of your own life, the exciting opportunities and amazing people that you will come
across will astound you.
What are you dreaming of? If you’re not getting it, change your attitude and your
beliefs and …hey presto!

Phone Ingrid now on 0416 243 444 for a free 15 minute consultation to discover how Life Coaching can help you manifest what you want and choose the Coaching Package that’s right for you.

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