Are You A Collector?

Do you have a house and a shed full of thimbles, cars, bottles, shells, magazines,
cats, rocks or teapots?
Is there something you can’t collect enough of and which fills every available space
in your home, your life and your mind?
When you are totally obsessed about collecting something, it’s a good idea to examine
the reasons why. Perhaps it’s a genuine love of a particular item or object but perhaps
it has a deeper meaning…
I used to collect teddy bears, I had amassed about two hundred bears over a period of
fifteen years or so. People used to buy them for me and I was on a permanent lookout
for new bears to add to my collection. As time went on, I became more particular about
the bears I collected and started giving some of them away as they didn’t meet the new
criteria of small or handmade or ‘label’ bears or those that had a special emotional
meaning for me.
A few years ago, something changed – I stopped looking for new bears and took a big
bag of them to the OpShop. My collection has now been pared down drastically, I still
like them but the obsession has gone.
I always knew why I collected teddy bears – mine had been taken from me when I was
four years old and given to another child so I collected them as an adult because I
could and no one could take them away. Teddy bears represented love to me and
symbolised the withdrawal of love from my childhood.
So what was it that changed?
Life Coaching came into my life and as I worked through my abandonment issues and
learned to love myself, slowly the need for buying symbols of love disappeared.
I now see teddy bears for what they are – cute stuffed toys, nothing more.
Think about your collection and what it means for you.
Is there an underlying reason for the obsession to collect? Be really honest about this,
discuss it with someone who knows you well and you may be surprised by the
motivation behind your collection.

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