Do You Have Rosacea? I Can Help!

Do you have rosacea? Is your skin dry, red and painful, super sensitive?
A few years ago I made a startling discovery.
I was working as a masseuse and as a part of my Aromatherapy massage I do a
facial. It was a very hot day and my female client had a very red face, which I
presumed to be due to the hot weather.
Of course, I had taken a detailed history but she hadn’t mentioned anything
unusual regarding her skin.
As I proceeded with the facial, the client commented on how nice the products
felt and how lovely everything was. After she had got dressed, I noticed her face
suddenly became much redder and when I mentioned it, she casually stated she
had rosacea.
My heart skipped a beat and inwardly I thought, “Oh no!” I would not have
performed a facial on her if I had been given this information in the history.
However, it was done, she was not distressed (I was) and she left quite happily.
The next day she came back in and she was jumping out of her skin with
excitement. She said she just had to come back and show me her face – it was
smooth, blemish and irritation free and positively glowing. She said it was the
first time in around thirty years her skin had been this good and she had come,
not only to show me but to order the products I had used on her face!
So, what had I used?
I only ever use my own brand of skincare products – The Ingrid
Perri Range of Aromatic Skincare. These products contain no animal, petrochemical
or synthetic ingredients. In this case I had used the Normal to Dry Cleanser, Normal
to Dry Toner and the Normal to Dry Moisturizer from my range of products. My
client purchased these and a few months later she got more. Her skin remained
glowing and blemish and irritation-free.
Since that time, these results have been repeated with other clients with rosacea,
all of them getting the same fantastic results.
So why does this drastic improvement occur?
All of my clients who have had rosacea have tried a wide variety of specialist products
and high end skincare brands and they had all aggravated the symptoms. It has
to be the ingredients in the products.
Most commercially available skincare, even for dermatological conditions, contain
petrochemicals and synthetic preservatives. Even if they use essential oils, the
benefits of the oils are counteracted by all the other ingredients.
I use only plant based ingredients (with the exception of beeswax) and even the
preservatives and antibacterial agents are plant derived and I believe this is the
reason for the amazing improvements.
I’ve never had anyone complain of an adverse reaction to my products. In fact, as we
have seen with rosacea, the reverse is true.
If you’ve tried everything for your rosacea and dream of beautiful, calm and glowing
skin, why not try The Ingrid Perri Range of Aromatic Skincare? You can order by
email – or order by phoning Ingrid direct on 0416 243 444.
You have nothing to lose but your rosacea!

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