Drink Your Milk Freddie!

That’s what we’re told isn’t it? Drink lots of milk, eat cheese and yoghurt every day so you
get your calcium.
Consider this – cows milk is made for calves, not for humans. Look at the rest of the mammals
of the world and think about what they drink after they are weaned from their mothers? Water!!
Milk is food for babies and each baby has a digestive system designed to drink and digest the
milk of its mother, the milk of the same species. When we are born, we have enzymes to break
down and digest our mothers milk. When we are weaned, we usually lose those enzymes
because we no longer have a need for them. We have never had the enzymes to break down the
milk of another species – each species of mammal has milk that is full of the nutrients that the
babies of that species need.
‘But what about the calcium?’ I hear you cry.
About the only accurate thing in all the advertising about dairy, is the fact that it is full of
calcium BUT because we can’t digest dairy properly, we don’t get the calcium from it.
In my many years as a Naturopath and in my own health, it has become abundantly clear to me
that dairy does more damage to health than almost any other food. It causes digestive problems,
allergies, skin problems such as eczema, ear infections in babies, hayfever and  asthma to name
just a few.
In most conditions that I see, eliminating dairy from the diet can have a profound effect in all
areas of health – energy levels, concentration, reduction of pain, improvement of skin and
improved bowel function.
If you are reading this and thinking it doesn’t sound right because it is so different from what
we are taught and told by advertisers – I set you this challenge…remove all dairy from your diet
for two weeks and see how you feel.
Are you up for the challenge?

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