Filthy Lucre…Is It Spiritual To Be Rich?

“If you’re rich you must be dishonest. You can’t have money and be spiritual or be a good person.”

How many times have you heard that? Perhaps you even believe it yourself. I used to believe it too.

I was dirt poor and struggling to support myself and my young son. I worked part-time as a Naturopath in a pharmacy and I was also on a part sole parent pension. Life was tough and hard, sometimes I could only afford to feed my son at dinner time and not myself.

But I was really ‘spiritual’…I read the right books, meditated, hung out with ‘gurus’ and other ‘spiritual’ people and we were all dirt poor, struggling and negative – in a very ‘spiritual’ way of course.

I was a victim, living in blame, resentment and helpless mode and didn’t believe I would ever be able to extricate myself from the poverty and misery and debt that was my life. For many years, I didn’t – I stayed in that place of hardship and blamed everyone for my problems – my parents, my ex husbands, my upbringing and anything else that came to mind.

Eventually, I discovered NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and took the first step towards reclaiming my power and taking charge of my life and my decisions. Some of the story can be read in other posts – ‘Cause & Effect’ and ‘The Magic of NLP – My Personal Journey’.

As a Naturopath, Aromatherapist and Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach, I am highly motivated to help people – I’ve been helping people for years.

A big shift in my consciousness, since discovering NLP and Life Coaching, has allowed me to really understand that I can help many more people when I have money than when I am struggling and wondering where my next meal is coming from. Understanding this has set me free to fully engage with every client, giving them 100% of my attention and focus because I am not worried about paying my gas bill or needing to buy food.

When you change your headspace, you change your life for the better. Opportunities that you would never have noticed before the change, come to you frequently. The Universe supports the change and the taking of responsibility for your own life. It offers you new and exciting things and brings amazing people into your life.

If you have read this far, something in this article has resonated with you and is reflecting back issues in your own life. Take this as a push from the Universe to get you moving forwards in your life. Take charge of your life now, reclaim your power and become amazing!
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