It’s How I’ve Always Done It

This is how I’ve always done it – How often do you hear that statement?
Just because something may have been done a certain way for decades,
doesn’t mean there is no other way to do it.
There may even be a better way!

I heard a story once about a young woman who was preparing to cook lunch – a
roast leg of lamb. She prepared the baking dish and then cut the bone of the leg
of lamb in half before placing it in the dish. As she was doing this, she wondered
why the bone had to be cut in half.
So she asked her mother, who had taught her to cook and her mother replied
that that’s how her mother had always done it. The mother asked the grandmother
why the bone had to be cut in half and the grandmother replied – ” I had to cut
the bone in half because it didn’t fit in my baking dish!”

Tradition can be a guide and give us a sense of who we are. It can also be
totally irrelevant, as we learn from the story of the leg of lamb.
The secret is to have an inquiring mind and think about the things you do
automatically. Is there a logical and good reason why I have to do it this way or
is there a better way to do it? It may very well have been done a certain way for
generations but that’s no reason to not question.
This questioning can be applied to all aspects of life – work, relationships and

The difference between being a mindless robot and a thinking, questioning human
being will change your life for the better. It may save you time, money, pain,
stress and grief. Think about the things you do and ask yourself if there is a
better way.

This is how I discovered Life Coaching. I had a client who was not improving with
the therapies I had always used so I was forced to extend myself and look for
a better way, learn some new skills and solve her problem differently. I am grateful
to this client because my desire to help her pushed me to do better and has had
an extremely beneficial result in my own life and the way I work with my clients.
Be pro-active in your life, take control and change the things that can be improved.
Sometimes this means doing some lateral thinking to find a better solution. Once
you are aware that most things are not set in concrete and there are many ways
to get the same or a better outcome, life loosens up a little, your mind opens up
to new possibilities and you become capable of achieving wonderful results.

When you are ready to challenge your actions and get fresh ideas, right now, call Ingrid on 0416 243 444 for your free 15 minute consultation to discover which life coaching package is right for you.

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