Happy Teens!!

Now that sounds like a contradiction in terms doesn’t it?

Since I’ve been doing Life Coaching, I’ve discovered that it is actually possible for
teenagers to be happy, focused and positive.
Amazing…if only I knew about this when my boys were teens!

So how can I have some of that I hear you ask?

Teenagers are under a lot of pressure these days – peer pressure, pressure from
advertising, pressure from school and exams, pressure of family break down and
combined families…what can we do to help them through this tough time of life?

By getting into the limiting beliefs and negative emotions and changing them into
empowered beliefs and positive emotions, the whole life path of your teen can change
forever to one of happiness and goals fulfilled. It’s absolutely true and I’ve seen it
before my very own eyes with teenagers I have had as Life Coaching clients.

Most adults have had many years of accumulated ‘stuff’ to weigh them down and cause
them to become less than positive and inspirational. Each ‘bad’ thing that happens,
every harsh word or thoughtless action that they face, just adds to the pile of negativity
and misery they drag around with them. Many adults believe they’ve dealt with issues
when in reality, they’ve only suppressed them. At some point, there needs to be a
release of all this emotional garbage or serious ill health will be the result.

The absolute joy of working with teens is that no matter how bad something in their
life has been, they haven’t had decades to let it fester and grow and it can be very
easily released by a competent Life Coach/NLP Practitioner. Regardless of the trauma
they may have experienced and their current state of mind, after only a few hours of
NLP/Life Coaching, they will come out as totally different people. I’ve seen this work
for depression, suicidal thoughts, self harming, sexual and emotional abuse, anger,
aggression, self esteem issues, lack of direction, lack of focus and much, much more.

So what happens in a session? Well, prior to the first session, the teen will fill at least
two pages, writing about their issues, problems, fears, hopes and goals. Generally,
I don’t even look at this, it just gives them some clarity. Then, when they phone in or
arrive at their first session, they’re asked a series of questions which are designed to
loosen their grip on the problem. As we go through the questions, various techniques
and processes suggest themselves.

There is a wide variety of different techniques available and the sessions are personalized
to suit the client at the time. Not every process suits every person. By carefully gauging
the reactions and responses of the client, the underlying issues are discovered and dealt
with. Then the client is ready to move forward with positive mindsets and empowering beliefs.

The absolute magic of this is that once the work is done on the core issues,  clients cannot
go back to that old mindset or behaviour again because they are fundamentally different. It’s

like scratching a record, once you’ve scratched it, it will never play the same again.

My Life Coaching business – Success & Fulfillment Coaching, has helped lots of teenagers
just like yours, to become happy, well-adjusted and focused young people who are looking
forward to a great life.
Phone Ingrid now on 0416 243 444 for a free 15 minute consultation to discover how
Life Coaching can help your
teenager become the happy, focused person they truly are and get the Coaching Package
that’s right for them.

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