Have Flexible Goals

At first glance that seems like a bit of a contradiction doesn’t it? If you’ve always
thought that goals are set in concrete – think again.

We need to have firm, solid goals but not rigid goals. The difference
being an openness to change and innovation, flexibility and re-focusing when
things around you change or you yourself change.

When your goals are set rock solid, there is no room to move or adapt to your
changing environment. The world we live in is changing all the time, our
individual circumstances change constantly and when we don’t adapt and update
our goals, we become stagnant and stuck. That’s when we start to feel annoyed
and frustrated with our lives.

When I first started learning about Life Coaching, I set myself some very firm and
clear goals. One of them was that I wanted to get into secondary schools and do
Life Coaching for Teens. I approached every school I could find, all over
Melbourne. This involved cold calling and trying to get past the gate keepers to
the people who made the decisions and controlled the money. It was a huge task
but I was very clear on what I wanted and diligent in the pursuit of my goal.

While this was going on, I was also getting new Life Coaching clients and my new
business was beginning to take on its own characteristics. I was being offered new
opportunities in areas I hadn’t previously considered and as I went with the flow
of events, my goal about Teen Coaching in schools became fuzzier and eventually
I lost interest in it.

This doesn’t mean the goal was wrong or weak – it means that what I thought was
the direction I wanted to go was not right for me at that time. When I kept myself
open to ideas and opportunities, other exciting options were presented to me. If
I had blocked off anything other than the Teen Coaching, I might not have seen
the opportunities right in front of me.

Now I’m not suggesting you have heaps of different goals and meander aimlessly
from one to the next – that just doesn’t work. I do recommend, however, that
your goals are open to being changed or adapted to the changes and opportunities
that come to you and as you change within yourself.

Think about your goals – are they the same tired old things you’ve always dreamed
of and never taken action to achieve? Or are they vibrant, flexible goals that you are
working towards whilst keeping an eye open for opportunities around you?

The key with any goal is to TAKE ACTION! Dreaming will not make it so. You have
to get off the couch and do something about getting what you want.
As can be seen from my story, I was taking action towards my goal and that was the
secret – I was doing something. Even if that action did not lead to the goal I ended
up with, it was action towards something and that action opened up a world of new

When you are ready to revamp your goals and take action, right now, call Ingrid on 0416 243 444 for your free 15 minute consultation to discover which life coaching package is right for you.

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