Many people think of hypnosis as people up on a stage, pretending to be chickens and making idiots of themselves. This is indeed a form of hypnosis but there are many other uses for this amazing technique. You could also be a tree or an elephant!

We have all experienced hypnosis in our day to day lives.
When we do things on ‘auto pilot’ we are in a trance, which is a form of hypnosis.
Have you ever driven somewhere and when you get there you can’t remember the details of the trip? You obeyed the road rules, avoided oncoming traffic and didn’t hit anyone (hopefully). You drove in a trance.

The benefits of hypnosis are well documented. Hypnosis works because it communicates directly with the unconscious mind and enables profound change to take place by bringing alignment between your conscious desires and goals and your unconscious mind. When these two are aligned, you cannot fail.
You are always in control during your hypnosis session and Ingrid Perri Life Coaching provides a beautiful and safe environment to facilitate the changes. Hypnosis is used for smoking cessation, depression, anxiety, negative emotions, limiting beliefs and many other issues.

There are different levels of hypnosis, from a light trance to a state of deep sleep. The appropriate level required for you will be gauged during your session.