I Can’t Be Bothered…

Sometimes it’s all just too hard. There seems to be no time to do anything
enjoyable for yourself or anything other than slogging away at mindless tasks.
It’s difficult to get up in the morning and there’s no motivation…surely
there’s more to life than this? There is – if you make it so!

You are living the life you have created for yourself – by your thoughts and
your beliefs. If that life isn’t lighting you up and filling you with joy, guess what?
You can change it. If you created your present dull and uninspiring life,
why can’t you create a new, exciting and positive life? You can!

Life Coaching and NLP is
an amazing way to get yourself out of your rut and moving forward with energy,
good health and enthusiasm. It will release negative mindsets and limiting beliefs
and replace them with empowering, positive beliefs and behaviour.

What you believe and what you think is what you manifest – so why not think happy
thoughts and believe good things? I mean, if you’re creating a life by your thoughts
anyway, they may as well be positive!

This really works, it’s worked for me. I’ve completely changed who I am and how my
life is lived, by changing my mindset from ‘victim mode’ to ’empowered mode’. By using
the tools of Life Coaching
and NLP, I’ve released resentment and negativity from my mind and in the process,
I’ve released illness and physical pain as well. It’s true.

About eight years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and at one point I could
barely walk. I was unable to work for two years, gained weight and was totally
debilitated. Fibromyalgia is a blanket term to cover a set of symptoms with no known
physical cause. I had neurological tests, muscle tests and bone tests, all came back
normal yet I had excruciating pain in my legs.

I adapted myself and literally limped along through life, gradually going back to work
but being very limited in what I could do. I couldn’t stand for more than a minute and
the pain was always there.

One day I discovered NLP and that’s when my life started to change. I’m here to tell
you now that, eighteen months after I first came across NLP and LIfe Coaching, I’m
pain free, active and energetic. I’ve even joined a gym! I feel positive and motivated
and look forward to every new day with curiosity and excitement. What will I discover
today? What new opportunities will be presented to me? And, because I’m looking for
opportunities, I’m finding them.

You can do this too! You can turn your life around for the better. Discover your new,
empowered self and start living the life of your dreams. Get yourself some Life
Coaching. Not sure how? Click on the Life Coaching button at the top of the screen.
It’s an amazing way get yourself moving forward and inspired again.

Don’t waste another day being unmotivated and miserable! Start your new and exciting
life now – create it now – imagine it now! You know you want to…
Phone Ingrid now on 0416 243 444 for a free 15 minute consultation to discover
how Life Coaching can help you move forward with motivation and the Coaching Package
that’s right for you.

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