I Can’t Do It…I’m Sick

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with the demands and pressures of your life that
you felt there was no escape? …and then you got sick…
Sometimes when we get sick it means we are ‘checking out’ of life for a period of time.
I know, I’ve just done it! I’m still coughing as I write this post and I realize why I’ve been
unwell for almost ten days – I had a lot of things to do in my business and I didn’t want
to do them, hence, I checked out. I had cold calls to make – yuck!
Ironically, I made the cold calls with a croaky voice and a sore throat – wouldn’t it have
been easier to stay well and make the calls with an empowered, healthy voice?
Of course!
I am a life coach and I’ve had heaps of life coaching (I am still having life coaching) and
yet, I still allowed myself, unconsciously, to check out by getting sick.
Wow, does that mean I’m human after all???
Your unconscious mind is an amazing thing, it will produce whatever you desire…I wanted
a break from the pressures and less thrilling parts of my business, I sort of got one…not
really though, I still had to do the thing I was resisting but now I had to do it in a less than
empowered way.
In how many other, more empowered ways could I have had a break? How many ways could
I have done something I really enjoy to get that break? Almost anything would have been
better than the way my unconscious chose to give me that break!
So become aware of what is motivating you in your life. Things are not always as they seem.
Look for the deeper meaning in the events around you and in the way your body responds
to your life. It may surprise you and you may even learn something about yourself!!
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