I Feel Trapped

Do you feel trapped in your life?
Do you feel disempowered?
Do you feel like a bird in a cage?

When you feel like this, it can be easy to think that your life has to be this way and that you have no choice.
The good news is that you always have a choice. Let me repeat that – you always have a choice.

You can choose to stay trapped and stuck OR you can choose to do things differently, make a change, take control and be the architect of your own life. It’s always up to you.

If the thing that’s causing you to feel trapped is your relationship, your choice is to either stay and work on yourself within the relationship (because you can’t work on your partner, only yourself) or to leave and work on yourself away from the relationship. The common theme here being to work on yourself.

The same principle applies to your job or any other aspect of your life that’s causing you to feel trapped. The feeling of being trapped comes from inside yourself and you can choose to set yourself free, right now. It’s entirely up to you. It’s never the external that causes the feeling of being trapped and always your mindset.

Even prisoners of war, the ones that were able to survive and retain their sanity, have reported that they took control of their thoughts and did not allow the brutality of their physical existence to influence the way they felt inside. If a prisoner of war can do it, you can do it too.

True freedom, like true happiness, comes from within. When you let go of the limiting beliefs and negative emotions you’ve been dragging around with you, you will feel light and happy and free, truly free.

It can be challenging sometimes, to face your fears and pain alone and you can feel out of your depth, afraid you are the only person who has ever felt like this and that no one else will ever understand. When you feel like this, it’s time to get professional life coaching from a coach who is experienced in working with clients who feel trapped, just like you.

I’ve worked successfully with people who feel trapped for over twenty years and I can help you overcome the feelings of being trapped too.

When you are ready to feel free, right now, call Ingrid on 0416 243 444 for your free 15 minute consultation to discover which life coaching package is right for you.

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