If Wishes Were Fishes…

I wish I had lots of money, I wish I could be happy, I wish I had more friends…
How often do you hear yourself saying things like this?
Vague and seemingly unachievable dreams and fruitless wishing for things you want?
How often does wishing get you what you want in your life?
The short answer is – never!
Wishing will not make it so. To get the things you want in life requires more than
just wishing, it requires you to take action! That’s right, massive action is the way to
achieve your dreams and goals.

There are many reasons we don’t take action towards our dreams and goals.
A common one is that we wait for everything to be perfect before we do anything.
Well, guess what – it will never be perfect! Far better to take action now even if
everything is not ‘just right’ than to do nothing at all. What’s the worst thing that
can happen? It might not work. However, what if it does? If you do nothing at all,
it’s guaranteed 100% to not work!

Another reason for lack of action is fear of failure. ‘I’m scared’, ‘What if I fail?’,
What if my friends think I’m weird?’
But here’s something to think about…look beyond the fear of failure and you may
find fear of success! Sounds bizarre doesn’t it? Think about it though, if that’s the
excuse you’ve been using. Am I afraid of failing or am I really afraid of succeeding,
of moving out of my comfort zone, of standing up and being counted, of being a
‘tall poppy’?

Look deeper into your motivation and see what’s really there.

Limiting beliefs are another reason we don’t get stuck into the action taking we need
to progress in our lives. When we’re growing up, we take on the mindsets and belief
systems of our parents or the people who bring us up, just as they took on the beliefs
of their parents and so on. This is how it works in life BUT if those mindsets and beliefs
are negative and disempowering, then we’re not set up to be the best we can possibly be.
If we believe that people like us never have money, that we are not clever enough to
achieve something we want or that we will never have a nice life – then, sadly, that’s
exactly how it will be. The way forward from this situation is to change the limiting
beliefs and mindsets and turn them into positive, life-affirming, joyful beliefs and mindsets.
When we do that, there are no limits to what can be achieved in life!

If your dreams and goals are only wishes, your beliefs are less than empowering and you are
not sure how to take the first action step now, life coaching is invaluable to get you moving
and achieving beyond your wildest dreams and feeling great about doing it as well.
Life coaching and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) are, in my opinion, the most effective
and rapid way to get yourself moving forwards in your life.
So, enough of the dreaming, get moving, take action now towards being the person you are
truly meant to be and be amazed at what you can create in your life!

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