It Has To Be Perfect!

Are you not doing something that you know must be done because
you’re waiting for everything to be ‘just right’?
Is waiting for perfection keeping you bogged down and unfulfilled?
Well, here’s a newsflash – it’ll NEVER BE PERFECT OR JUST RIGHT!
That’s right…waiting for the ideal situation or the perfect conditions is going
to prevent you from ever achieving anything worthwhile, regardless of whether
it’s in work, business, personal development or relationships.
This is planet Earth and that means nothing is ever perfect! If you wait for
perfection that never comes you’ll waste your whole life being dis-empowered
and unproductive. It’s simply an excuse to achieve absolutely
“Hang on a minute, what do you mean – an excuse?” I hear some of you mutter.
Deciding to wait for perfection will give you a perfect reason to do nothing and..
when you do nothing, you make no progress.
Many people decide to do nothing because they’re afraid of failing, or, even more
frightening, afraid of succeeding! Think about it…who would you be if you were
successful? Would you still be you? Would your friends resent you? Would your
family turn against you – if you were successful?
This is very scary to some people so they use the excuse of waiting for the perfect
‘something or other’ before they can move forwards. If fear of failure is your reason
for doing nothing, look deeper and see if it’s really fear of success. Then, look
deeper again and see if you really believe you deserve to be successful…
If you do nothing, nothing changes. TAKE ACTION NOW if you want your life to be
different. Doing nothing is worse than doing something that may not be perfect or
may not work.
By taking action now, you show the universe that you’re serious about progressing
towards your dreams and goals and when the universe sees this, it supports you
in ways you can’t even imagine.
If you’re stuck in a rut and your life is not as you would like it to be, then DO
SOMETHING. You must show the world that you’re committed to taking action
if you want change to occur in any area of your life.
So, for example, if you’re in a job you hate, find another job. If you’re in a
relationship that’s not fulfilling you, leave. If you live somewhere you don’t feel
safe, move. The point is, do something to make changes, take charge of your life
and make it the way you want it to be.
Waiting for the perfect bank balance, perfect time to get fit, perfect lifestyle and
perfect partner can cause you to waste your whole life. It can create complete and
utter stagnation.
Perfection is not an option and when you learn this and know it is true, it will free
you to be more than you are now. This life is a journey which contains many lessons
along the way. There are no lessons learned by staying still and avoiding action.
So, if you’re ready to move from where you are now to where you want to be, take
action now.
Life Coaching and NLP are brilliant tools to help you loosen
your grip on the pointless desire for perfection and the excuses that cause you
to remain stagnant.
Help is at hand so you can move forward and to release the fears and limiting beliefs
about everything having to be perfect. Life Coaching and NLP can set you free.
Phone Ingrid now on 0416 243 444 for a free 15 minute consultation to discover
how Life Coaching can help you release your limiting beliefs and fears that are
holding you back and the Coaching Package that’s right for you.

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