John Lennon Is 70!!

What an amazing thought – if he were still alive, John Lennon would be seventy
years old this year (2010). Thirty years has passed since he was gunned down in
New York and yet his legacy lives on.
He wrote and made incredible music and people world wide still perform his work.
His songs are still played on radio stations and at parties and he’s still ‘got it’!
But is it just the music?
The music was ground breaking in it’s day and has stood the test of time but was
there more to John Lennon than music?
Of course there was. He was a passionate activist for world peace and he spread
his message around the world in every way he knew how, sometimes in a very
confronting way (think nude album covers.)
John Lennon was a man with the courage of his convictions who used his fame to
do good in the world. He spoke out with honesty and integrity about his beliefs.
To me, that’s the real reason he is still an inspirational world figure, thirty years
after his untimely murder. His wonderful music is a bonus.
When a person is grounded and strong in their self belief, they can move mountains.
How many mountains would John Lennon have moved in the area of world peace,
if he were still alive?
We can all learn from John Lennon as we assess our own beliefs and integrity.
Do you stand in your power and defend your beliefs?
Do you know with every fiber of your being that you have a worthwhile message
to share with the world?
Or are you a bit shaky and wavering on where you stand in your life?
If you’re ready to move forward with conviction and courage and need some
help, get some Life Coaching and NLP to propel you into your power. Don’t
waste another moment in doubt and uncertainty.
Remember what the late, great John Lennon said – “Life is what happens while
you’re busy making other plans.”
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