Learn About Life Coaching

Life coaching is for people that would like to gain control over their lives. Life coaches are there to show you how to gain insight into your own mind, allowing you to have a better life now and in the future. You would benefit from this form of coaching if you:
– Feel the need to change
– Are not fully aware of what to do next in your life
– You have made goals before but never saw them to fruition
– You have problems meeting all of your obligations
– You need a way to learn more about your talents and how to utilize them to your best benefit
– You know you need a better way to manage your life and time
– You want someone to listen fully to what you think, feel and believe, and give real help through feedback, while allowing you to remain responsible for your own actions

Some of the benefits of this coaching are:
1. Learn how to recognize solutions for current problems and things that are keeping you from your goals
2. Learn how to manage work time better
3. Gain a greater amount of control over each aspect of your life
4. Learn how to have greater feelings, thoughts, and situations
5. Learn how to make plans of action that will enable you to meet your goals with less time When you use this form of coaching, you can create a life plan that will show you what your desires are.

This enables you to make the right choices so that everything that is important in your life can be put in the right priority. Without the right priority, you can see your life going by without you getting to any of your end goals. You have the ability to choose how far ahead you wish to plan. The more ahead in the future you plan, the greater the effectiveness you will notice right away. Since there are lots of goals that require a long time to see come to life, it is smart to start now, so that they can be realized in the future. Having a life plan will show you where you may need improvement in your life, that will let you work on them over time. This can also help a great deal with one’s career decisions as well.
With the help of a coach, you can see things about your life that you never even realized on your own. You will also be asked the proper questions so that you can choose the most practical answers. Life coaching is about knowing that you can have, be, or gain anything you want, as long as you have the right plan to follow. Then you will need to be aware of the various actions you have to do to meet these goals. Then your life coach is there to make certain that each of your goals can be reasonably attained.

Ingrid Perri Life Coaching is Life Coaching with a difference.
At Ingrid Perri Life Coaching we use a unique combination of modalities to help you become the very best you can possibly be:-

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) – a set of tools that aligns your conscious desires and goals with your unconscious mind. Unless you do this, you will be relying on willpower alone and struggle to get what you want from life. Your unconscious mind is the part of your mind that will dictate the results you get. Until you truly believe, deep in your unconscious mind, that you deserve love, happiness and success, they will elude you.

Hypnosis – the benefits of hypnosis are well documented. Hypnosis works because it communicates directly with the unconscious mind and enables profound change to take place. You are always in control and Ingrid Perri Life Coaching provides a beautiful and safe environment to facilitate the changes.

Kinesiology – muscle testing to balance your physical body and emotional state. Also a brilliant diagnostic tool.

Nutrition – the food you eat has a direct impact on your physical health and your feelings of well being. Ingrid Perri is a qualified Naturopath and can provide nutritional advice to help you improve your overall state of health.

Clinical Aromatherapy – beautiful, hand made, organic products for a wide range of ailments and skin conditions. The ‘Ingrid Perri Range’ of Aromatic Skincare is suitable for all skin types, hypo-allergenic and all plant derived. In addition, Ingrid Perri will make personal therapeutic blends for specific ailments, to help you achieve perfect health.

*Modalities used are at the sole discretion of your practitioner. Every session is uniquely crafted for you.