Let It Go

Do you feel bogged down by the events of the past?
Is emotional pain preventing you from enjoying life?
If only there was a way to release all this ‘stuff’, easily and permanently…
well, guess what? There is.

Yes, I’m dead serious here people. These days there is absolutely no need to be wandering
around in a ‘trance of dis-empowerment’. There are fantastic technologies to help you deal
with your past, learn from your past and then use what you’ve learned to move into a new
and positive future. These amazing tools are called NLP and Life Coaching.

How do they work? They work in the unconscious mind by reprogramming negative
emotions, limiting beliefs and destructive behaviour. There is a whole range of different
techniques and processes that are used, depending on the person and mindset
that are being worked with.

We say this is permanent because, just like a record that has been scratched and can
never play the same again, when the unconscious mind has been reprogrammed,
you simply cannot think or behave in that old way again. Amazing but true. There is
no limit to the change you can make in your life, with these tools.

Let me tell you a little about the ‘old’ me. She was depressed much of the time, extremely
negative and resentful about her upbringing. She could fly into a rage at the very thought
of events in the past. I speak in the third person deliberately because this sounds like
someone else. I can no longer relate to those emotions and feelings, they’re just not
who I am anymore. When I think of the events that used to cause me to become so
angry and resentful, there’s nothing there. I couldn’t muster up those emotions and
feelings anymore if my life depended on it.

The reason I’m no longer that negative and resentful person is NLP and Life Coaching.
These tools have allowed me to release veritable icebergs of emotional garbage that
had been festering inside me for decades. Yes, this sounds melodramatic but it’s completely
true. The profound changes I’ve made since discovering these wonderful technologies,
have truly set me free.

I’ve never been so focused, positive and happy. This lightness of being is for everyone.
We all deserve to be free of the pain of the past so we can open ourselves up to the joy
of the present and the excitement of the future. Isn’t it time you did something great
for yourself? Get some NLP and Life Coaching and be the very best you can be.
Phone Ingrid now on 0416 243 444 for a free 15 minute consultation to discover how Life Coaching can help you leave the pain of the past behind and the Coaching Package
that’s right for you.

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