When Is It The Right Time To Change?

If you are stuck in the past or doing things you know are not healthy or good for
you and wondering if, when and how you should change your life, Life Coaching
can help you get out of that rut of disempowerment right now.
Many people are stuck in a trauma or event from the past.
Many people are going around on a treadmill of unhealthy behaviour and poor
Sometimes, an opportunity comes along that invites you to commit to change.
life coaching is that opportunity!
Whenever I get a new client with serious life issues that need to be changed, I
tell them they are in the right place for change to occur rapidly. The response is
sometimes not what you would expect.
Rather than leaping up and down with excitement and begging to get started
immediately, many people panic and start finding reasons for not starting to
change just yet, needing to think about it for a bit longer or needing to do more
work on themselves before they are ready.
Fear makes them want to hold onto their pain (because it’s familiar), even
though they know they’ll feel much better if they let it go. Some people believe
they have to suffer for a certain length of time to validate themselves and their
Sometimes they feel that letting go means someone has been forgiven and that
person doesn’t deserve forgiveness.
Sometimes they are afraid that they will not be themselves if they let go of the
emotional pain, as it’s been a part of them for so long and they can’t imagine
who they will be without it.

The simple fact is that the longer you hang onto all that old baggage, the less
empowered and more miserable you will become. The only person who is
punished by not letting go is…YOU!
That’s right, you are only hurting yourself when you refuse to let go of the pain
of the past. You are poisoning yourself with bitterness, hatred, resentment and
schemes of revenge. The longer you hold onto all these things, you worse you
will feel and, ultimately, you will get physically sick. Illnesses such as cancer,
arthritis and type 2 diabetes can all be traced back to negative mindsets that
have become firmly entrenched and been allowed to define who you are.
It’s true – cancer is caused by resentment, arthritis by inflexibility in attitude
and type 2 diabetes by feeling there is no sweetness in life. Pick almost any
illness and it can be found to have a deep seated emotional cause.
So, letting it go now is the only way to go – you are the only one paying the price
of all the anger, resentment, emotional pain and trauma and not because these
things happened to you but because you are holding on for grim death and
refusing to let go and move forward in your life.
Life Coaching is your ticket to emotional freedom and a joyous life. Can you
afford to wait any longer?

When you are ready to Let It Go right now, call Ingrid on 0416 243 444 for your free 15 minute consultation to discover which life coaching package is right for you.

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