Life Begins After Menopause!

That’s right ladies – menopause means freedom!

Freedom from the demands of a young family.

Freedom from the inconvenience of menstruation.

You can go for a coffee with friends whenever you feel like it.

You can eat in a restaurant without a playground.

You can go on holidays out of school holidays.

You can travel around the world and not worry about amusing your children.

You can reconnect with your partner or find a new partner.

You can rediscover who you really are and, even better, you can become who
you’re really meant to be.

Many things improve when you’ve gone through menopause. PMS is a thing of the
past and the anxiety and depression that are often associated with the menstrual
cycle quite often disappear entirely.
Around this time is usually the time children become independent. They either
move out or have a drivers license and a car so Mum is no longer required to be
a taxi driver.

Initially, this may cause feelings of inadequacy or lack of direction because, after
all, you’ve probably spent years being at the beck and call of several small
people who take up all of your time. Suddenly, they’re off on their own journeys
and you’re left with all this time and nothing to do.
This is the gift the Universe eventually gives to mothers everywhere – the freedom
to be just you. The problem is though, exactly who is this person that is you?
Only recently you were defined by your children, your role as their mother and
the caretaker of your family.
Whilst you never stop being a mother, once your children are living their own lives,
what is it that defines you?
Did you have a career many years ago that has been made redundant by technology?
Did you have hobbies and friends that brought joy and creativity into your life
and gave it meaning?
Or was there a major trauma in your life that has continued to define you even as
you were so busy being the mother of young children?

Now, you do have time, you’re financially secure, you’re ready to rediscover your
inner strengths, your passions and the true purpose of your life…but how?
Life Coaching and NLP are the ideal tools to get you back on track, motivated and
enjoying the freedom that is the true gift of menopause.

This is the time in your life to address issues that have kept you stuck in the past,
you no longer have the excuse of not having the time to do something for yourself.
Many women start new and fulfilling careers at this time of life, myself included.
Starting something exciting and new after menopause brings with it the added
advantage of life experience and wisdom. We learn many things as we raise a
family and many of these lessons can be utilized and capitalized upon within our
new found paths.

Instead of listening to the tales of woe that are usually the accompaniment to the
word menopause, focus on all the great benefits that are yours for the enjoying.
NOW is the time to rediscover your passion and to re-acquaint yourself with the
real inner you. Make this time the time of your life. Make every
moment count and every day a blessing. You have time, don’t waste
it. Use it to extract the very marrow out of your life and become the very best
person you can be.

Take it from one who knows – life truly does begin after menopause!

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how Life Coaching can help you rediscover your passion, find your true self and
the Coaching Package that’s right for you.

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