Life Coaching- In Depth

Life coaching is used to grow and change the abilities of the person being coached by focusing on certain issues that need to be addressed for the person to move on with life. This is often to achieve a certain goal or dream. The life coach has the job of giving the person the needed motivation so that they can gain insight into what is needed to get where they want to be.
In addition, coaches usually make sure that what they are teaching can then be applied by the student later in the future for any issues that might arise. There are many methods and structures used by coaches to teach their students. However, the majority of coaches ask many questions and expect the person being coached to learn from himself or herself.
In order for the process to succeed, the person being coached must have trust in the coach. Coaching is different from traditional counseling or therapy in that the issues and conclusions and important to what is going on now, and in the future, and doesn’t focus on past transgressions. This means that the person receiving coaching already has what they need to see progress rather quickly.
Coaches may find that they have students that know very little about the area that needs work ,so the coach will need to share some of their knowledge before being able to coach them using facilitation.
Since the practice of coaching is so varied, it is wise to think about the actual effect on the person being coached, since this always has greater consistency. There are different levels of questions asked by the coach to his students. The lowest level questions are designed to grow though processes in the person being coached, with them being quick to respond. For questions that have more probing answers, then the person being coached will often be in deep thought, responding more slowly with pauses in between thinking. In the deeper coaching level, the person is told to get deeper into their experiences than what is possible with quick recall.
The information that is deeper usually has to do with various feelings, sound experiences, and metaphors. When the student delves deeper into their experiences, they effectively alter their own physiology. The person often experiences their eyes moving to different places with no physical movements. These are called reflective silences that usually last for a couple seconds, up to several seconds.
At the very last level of the deepest level, the student’s muscles fully relax, and at times, their head may nod. Their breathing rates lower dramatically and they may lose color due to peripheral blood supply reduction. This can last for a minute or much longer. However, when the student comes out of this state, they cannot remember how long it has been. At times, a change has occurred within the person, giving them a new found level of insight.
Life coaching has changed the lives of many for the better, and when you have the right life coach, you can see your world open up like never before.