Corporate Training

Everyone interprets information using all the senses (representational systems) – sight, hearing, touch, self-talk, taste and smell BUT everyone has preferred representational systems. They have language they prefer to hear and strategies they use to make decisions (including the decision to buy).

Imagine being able to communicate with your clients in the way that lights them up, making them excited to do business with your brand…

Ingrid Perri offers a very different and hugely effective style of sales training using techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming ,which will skyrocket your sales and your leads.

The trainings are dynamic, fun, interactive and definitely different from any sales training you have done before.

Training is available in the form of half day or full day workshops…

All sessions include hands on and practical training with live demonstrations and are perfect team building events.


Your Communication Training will include the following valuable skills…

Learn how we communicate and discover what communication style you prefer.

Learn how to read people effectively.

Learn how to boost your sales and rapport – quickly and easily.

Your Investment: AUD $200


Your Sales Training will include the following valuable skills…

Rapport – Advanced techniques to gain even better rapport and better sales.

Cause and Effect – How to take charge of your results.

Modelling – Studying and installing the mindsets and behaviour of the most successful people in your field.

Conflict Resolution – Tools to effectively and powerfully resolve personal and professional conflict.

Goal Creation – set goals that are specific to date, time and place, anchor them into the unconscious.

Double Negative Process – change negative behaviour in the sales arena.

Your Investment: AUD $2000


Your Sales Training will include the following valuable skills…

Values – What are they?
       -Company/Staff Values– get your team excited and striving for a common goal

Respond to Any Objection – Learn how to reframe and spin any objection.

Advanced Communication Skills – Build on previously presented knowledge.

Strategies – learn the exact processes that industry leaders use to create great wealth and dominate their markets.
       -Recipes for Success
       -Motivation Strategies
       -Decision Making Strategies
       -Strategies for Leadership & Sales
       -Frames & Closes
       -Successful Negotiating

Your Investment: AUD $2000 (as a half day training)

Both trainings can be combined for a full day giving your business and employees
that latest and most powerful sales techniques on the planet…

Your Investment For A Full Day Of Training AUD $3800

When you are ready to take your sales training to the next level right now, call or email for your free 15 minute consultation to discover how corporate training can dramatically improve your business success.

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