Life Is Hard, Life Is Unfair

One of the last things my mother said before she died was, ‘Life is hard, life is unfair.’ She really believed that and it dictated how she was throughout her whole life. When I look back at how my parents lived their lives and the beliefs we absorbed from them, I can honestly say that most of them were negative and less than empowering. I’m not blaming them for their beliefs and expectations – they were both affected by World War Two in Europe and I have no idea, personally, of what it is like to live through something like a war.

What I do know is the mindset it gave me for a large part of my life. It was a mindset of belief in lack and struggle, that money is hard to come by and people ‘like us’ don’t have money. It was also a mindset that resented anyone who did have money.

When you believe that life is a struggle, unfair, difficult and harsh – it is.
It’s that simple.

Life Coaching has enabled me to finally rid myself of all those negative and limiting beliefs and expectations so that I am now able to fully live my life and discover my true potential. I am grateful to my Dutch parents who worked hard their whole lives to provide for us and to give us the best they could afford. I am also incredibly grateful that I have found a way of moving beyond the limitations that they believed in wholeheartedly, limitations they used to protect themselves and their children from the extremes they had experienced during the war.

As I often mention in my posts, what you believe and look for is what you will find. I now choose to focus on happiness, fulfillment and empowerment and the more I do that, the more it is true in my life.

As a Life Coach I have seen amazing transformations in my clients. They come in miserable, crying, depressed, lacking motivation and totally disempowered. They leave happy, focused and free from the past, ready to lead incredible, joyful lives.

How does this happen? Using the very latest tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Quantum Linguistics and Hypnosis, negative emotions and limiting beliefs are changed into desired, positive lessons and behaviour, creating rapid change in the individual. Once this has been done, the person is unable to go back and do things the same way again. It can be described as scratching a record. Once a record has been scratched, it will never play the same again.

Having these tools to help my clients break free of their belief in lack and struggle, inspires me to continue to do what I love – Life Coaching. I would do this work even if I didn’t need the money, it’s a blessing I have been given to share.

When you are ready to let go of those crippling and limiting negative beliefs, right now, call Ingrid on 0416 243 444 for your free 15 minute consultation to discover which life coaching package is right for you.

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