Loosen Your Grip!!

Have you ever wanted something so badly you thought your world would
end if you didn’t get it?
You thought about it constantly and willed it and willed it to happen,
you were obsessed with it, you couldn’t let it go?
And yet…the more you wanted it, the harder you pushed, the further
away it went. It seemed that no matter how hard you wished and pushed
for the thing you wanted, the less likely it seemed that you would get it.
The thing is, when we want something desperately, that desperation
drives what we want away from us.

It’s absolutely true – when you are holding on for grim death to anything
– a person, a dream, any desired outcome, you are pushing it away from
The best way to get what you want in your life is to set a clear intention or
goal and relax. That’s right…

I’ve often experienced this in areas of my own life. It’s easy to get so focused
on something that you lose perspective and become obsessed with that one thing.
What I’ve also experienced is that when I let go my vice-like grip and relax,
suddenly everything changes and the outcome I’ve been pushing to
achieve is within my reach and it’s easy.

When you relax and let go the grip on what you want, it feels like the
universe has relaxed with you and that you have made room for the thing
you want, you have made a space for it to come to you. It seems as though
all the focus and wanting has actually set up a barrier to the thing that is
wanted, taken up the space that you need for your goal.

Of course, the desired outcome must be ecological. What I mean by this is that
it must be safe for you, for others and for the planet.
So long as your outcome is ecological, the universe is happy to provide it for
you when you prepare the space and let go of the desperation. As they say,
go with the flow and your desired outcome will be your reality.

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