Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus – review

“Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” by John Gray (1992)
It’s been around for more than a decade but this book is still a fantastic read for
anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of the opposite sex.
If you’ve ever wondered if you are even the same species as your opposite sex
partner, this book will give you some answers.
John Gray outlines with crystal clarity how male and female brains are wired
differently. We respond to stress differently and we react differently when we’re
trying to solve problems. According to John Gray, when a woman is trying to
solve a problem, she talks – to her friends and family and to her partner. This is
how women resolve issues and difficulties in their lives and how they come up
with solutions to their problems.
This is very different to how men solve their issues. Gray says that men revert
back to primal, caveman type responses when they need to solve something.
This is not to say they find a club and beat something over the head – what he
means is that cavemen were totally responsible for the safety and care of their
families and they needed to think about their problems alone so they could decide
on the best course of action to take. Gray calls this ‘retreating to the cave’. Men
withdraw when they are faced with a problem, they think about how best to
resolve it and then they sally forth to do whatever it is they’ve decided is the
best solution.
When you look at these two very different ways of problem solving, it’s easy to
see why men and women have problems communicating with one another. The
more the woman talks, the more the man wants to retreat to his ‘cave’ to sort
the problem out. Thus conflict is born. “He doesn’t listen,’ ‘He won’t talk about it’
versus ‘She always wants to talk’ and “She won’t leave me alone to sort it out’.
I’ve recently recommended this book to a few of my NLP and Life Coaching clients
who were struggling to understand their partners and without exception, each
and every one of my clients has had light bulb moments and increased
understanding of not only the behavior of the partner, but also their own
behavior. Several have said they’re pleased to know they’re not going mad
after all!
Even after all this time, this book is well worth reading. I highly recommend it to
anyone wanting a greater understanding of the dynamics of relationships between
the sexes. Not just sexual and love relationships either – brilliant for improving
work relationships and any relationship at all between a man and a woman.
Imagine how much easier it will be to get what you want from all your relationships
and also to give the other person what they want? Everyone can benefit from this
To quote John Gray, the book is “A Practical Guide For Improving Communication
and Getting What You Want In Your Relationships.”

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