My Life Sucks!

How often do you hear (or say) that?? And guess what?
If that’s what you believe, that’s exactly how your life will be.
If you look for doom and gloom and disaster, that’s what you get.

Let me give you a very clear everyday example of this. The last time you bought a new car,
did you suddenly notice a whole lot of them on the road that you’d never noticed previously?
Yes, you did, because that’s where your awareness was. Suddenly the roads were full of the
exact same cars as yours – amazing!

If you take this same phenomenon and apply it to your life, you can see that people who
focus on happy, positive events and situations, generally have a happy, positive outlook
and life. The opposite is also true. We all know people who are negative, down, depressed
and who can cause us to feel the same way by listening to their tale of woe or even just
being in their presence.

It’s similar to what ‘The Secret’ and the ‘Law of Attraction’ have been telling us. What we
sort for is what we get. Where we focus is where our results will be. We actually have full
responsibility for the events of our lives and when we realize that, we are well on the way
to making the changes that will bring us happiness and prosperity.

This is not to say we can’t grieve when a loved one dies or when a relationship fails – of
course we can and should grieve for those events, it’s part of the healing process. Then
there comes a point at which it’s time to move on and if that doesn’t happen, the grieving
turns to wallowing. Wallowing is never good, healthy or productive.

Life Coaching is a great way to stop with the wallowing and move forward with your life.
It helps you learn from the events of the past so that the events become empowering for
you and show you the way forward. Think about Life Coaching if you feel stuck and unable
to move forward into a more positive frame of mind.

If you would like something you can do yourself, try the gratitude exercise. Focus on the
things in your life that you’re grateful for, the good things and people that bring joy. As
you do this on a daily basis, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, you’ll
notice a shift in your mindset and when that happens, you’ill also notice that more and
more positive things come into your life. New opportunities arise and you ‘ll be aware
of things you’ve never noticed before, even though they may have always been there.

So, if you want a good, happy and productive life – start looking for the things that will make it so.
Phone Ingrid now on 0416 243 444 for a free 15 minute consultation to discover how
Life Coaching can help you achieve a good, happy, productive life and get the Coaching Package that’s right for you.

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