Here is what some of Ingrid’s clients have to say:

“After being referred to Ingrid by a work colleague, I was very openminded with my first visit..
I was in a very bad way… But her method had me only visiting a further 2 occasions within the space of 3 months.
It has been just over 12 months since my last visit, I still to this day feel happy and have a healthier mind!!
I cannot thank Ingrid enough for her help! She was always very helpful and lovely to deal with! To this day I cannot thank her enough for the way she has changed my life for the better!
Thank you
Kaye Leiper”


Cazzie Pitsis –

Danyelle Anderson –

Melissa Forsyth

“I wasn’t aware of NLP before attending the workshops so it was a great introduction. I’ve been stressed and anxious about work and my relationship. I’ve felt calmer and less anxious since then. “
Lisa Ellerton

“I had issues with confidence and feeling like I cannot succeed in certain areas of my life. A feeling of not being good enough. I noticed subtle changes over the course of the workshops I did with Ingrid. I continue to work on boosting my confidence. I have seen some success already and I’m excited by what the future has in store for me.  Thank you Ingrid”  
Claudia Faulkner

“Before my treatment I was feeling very emotionally unbalanced. The session helped me very much. It elevated my emotional state to a peaceful and tranquil place. After the session I felt wonderful. More positive. If you’re in doubt, definitely try it and let the outcome speak for itself.”

Maria F

“I first met Ingrid almost 10 years ago for infertility issues. She calmed, centred and strengthened me using her many marvellous and precious skills. She taught me to trust the flow of life and accept the issues that we are faced with (even if we don’t understand them). We are now blessed to have two wonderful children. Last year Ingrid reduced my anxiety and fear over a business dilemma. After a few weeks, I felt stronger, more clear, more focused and balanced. At this time I also re-discovered my love of writing, especially poetry, because I opened my heart, soul and mind. Writing calms and centres me, just like Ingrid. It is a true blessing to have met Ingrid. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


“Before I saw Ingrid, I was very unhappy in my job, I felt I wasn’t being valued or given any interesting projects. I was leading a very unhealthy lifestyle and going through a relationship breakup as well. I was not in a good or happy place.
We did quite a few processes over about three hours of coaching and I set myself
goals for my life, with a specific date that I wanted to achieve those goals.
Incredibly, one year later, I have just realised that all of those goals have been
achieved. I have a fantastic new job with better pay, a new and healthy lifestyle
and I am back with my girlfriend but in a different way, with a new mindset.
My life is back on track and I am happy and focused. Thank you so much Ingrid.”
Dylan M

“I’m feeling like I want to get my life on track – my health, marriage, career etc but it all seems so overwhelming that I don’t know where to start. I’m feeling ‘stuck’ and I want to break free so the real me can shine through. After two coaching sessions with Ingrid, I feel I am empowered and in control of my life. I am ready to live in the present and not let my old junk bother me anymore.”
Lauren Beckett – Team Leader

“I was struggling to eat healthily, it’s either I’m good or I’m not and I’m stuck in the not. I’m happy with everything, however I would love to be able to easily and effortlessly (without thinking about it) maintain a healthy diet. After two hours of coaching with Ingrid I feel far more confident and positively optimistic and empowered to take action towards my healthy weight goals. Thank you Ingrid.”
Annemarie Cross – Branding Specialist and Business Coach

“When I first saw Ingrid I was feeling tired, not sure what to expect and felt I was perhaps expecting too much. Wondering why I was even here.
After two sessions of Life Coaching I am at peace with myself. I realise I cannot change other people, I can only change myself. I am reacting differently to situations now and am happier than I was before seeing Ingrid. I am recommending Ingrid to my family and friends.”
Cathy Lizza – Office Manager – Plan4Wealth

“I was feeling hurt, sad, empty, angry and confused. I felt I didn’t deserve any of the good things in life and envious of people who had what I wanted.
After a two hour Life Coaching session with Ingrid, I feel amazing, Ingrid is great! The session made me open up and let go the bad emotions I was going through. I feel refreshed and look forward to a happy future.”

Danielle Tropea

“Before starting the session with Ingrid, I was feeling stressed, situations at work have left me feeling stressed and very anxious. This has been reflected in my personal life, leaving me feeling unhappy and not quite myself. After only two hours Life Coaching I feel better about myself, more calm. I feel that I will be able to cope better with stressful situations.”

Cheryl Mann – Century 21 Real Estate

“If it wasn’t for Ingrid, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Need a coach? She’s the best!”

Joseph Chamoun – Marketing Director

“I was feeling that I should be happy and that everybody else had great praise for
all I had achieved but I was feeling like it was never enough (the success). I
suppose I was being hard on myself, I wanted to be calm and to relax, I was doing
well and did not have to stress about it.
As the sessions with Ingrid proceeded, I started experiencing an inner calm.
Now I am feeling grateful for everything in my life, my anxiety is gone and I am
happy within myself. I used to be my own worst enemy – now I am my own best
friend. Thank you Ingrid.”

Barbara Heywood – Real Estate Agent

“Having never used this type of service before, I didn’t know what to expect and
was a little skeptical to be honest.
I found the process very interesting and intriguing.Ingrid Perri is an absolute professional and I was amazed at how much she covered in just one hour. I was also impressed at the way I felt when I left the consultation. It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I had a sense of relief, determination and eagerness to immediately action the steps required to make a difference to my life, that were revealed in my consultation.”

Sylvia Bourne – Office Genie
“Before coaching started – I am excited about
changing. I am tired pretty much all the time. I feel like I am not being as good a mother and wife as I could be. I am constantly questioning my decisions and my self worth. I don’t think I am worth that much. The opinions other people have of me and what I should do generally overrides my own wishes. I want to stop feeling like I am being judged as a bad mother, bad wife and stupid person.
The day after a two hour coaching session with Ingrid – I can’t remember the last
time I had such a good nights sleep. I woke up for the first time in a long time and felt like I was ready to tackle the day. I did not feel like I just wanted to go back to sleep. I have had the most fantastic day with my son. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much in one day.
Thank you Ingrid. I feel like a weight has been lifted, I am so much lighter and

**Yesterday Mum told me she had not seen me so happy and relaxed for a very long
time, she said I was obviously enjoying myself.
Thanks Ingrid, I feel great.
Nicole O’Connor – mother, student

“Before I started my coaching with Ingrid, I
felt that my self worth, confidence and related was very low and as such, I wanted
to remedy this. I wanted to think positively and not be in doubt and fear all my life.
Now that I’ve had coaching from Ingrid, I feel strong, confident and purposeful –
I am an achiever, I am unstoppable, I am happy, loving and contributing, I am
intelligent, confident and motivated. I am an inspiration to myself, family, friends and associates.
Thank you Ingrid,

Michael R. – Entrepreneur

“After only one session with Ingrid I found I
have more power and I am more contented in my life. I can now focus clearly on
my goals and dreams. We all experience fear, lack of confidence and vulnerability
day to day but Ingrid was able to help me clarify and demystify many of the beliefs I held. Her techniques appear easy and painless and yet they are extremely powerful. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t benefit from Ingrid’s life coaching skills. She has taught me how to make positive changes in my life in only a short time.”

Sue Day – Messy Pawz Dog Training

“I first saw Ingrid after she was recommended
to me by my boyfriends mother. I have had a lot of depression and lots of anger
towards my mother. After only one session, I felt happier than I have felt in years and can now see my mother with compassion and understanding.
Thank you so much Ingrid for giving me back my life.”

Georgia B

“I first went to Ingrid Perri because I was looking for answers to unvoiced questions. Ingrid’s services have been invaluable in finding a balance to my whole family’s lives. I have no hesitation in recommending Ingrid Perri to my family and friends.”
Helen Ferguson

“My family and I have been seeing Ingrid
for a wide variety of issues over a number of years. My youngest daughter had
anger issues which have been successfully treated by Ingrid, using the many
different techniques she has at her disposal. I myself have consulted Ingrid for
back pain, period problems and more recently, menopausal symptoms. She always
knows exactly what to do and I always feel great when I leave.
I would highly recommend Ingrid to anyone who wants to get their life in order and move forward confidently in life.
Thanks for all your help”

Astrid Marshall – Business Owner

“I was emotional, I felt trapped. I wasn’t in a good place in my life.
During the sessions it didn’t seem so clear as to why some questions were
being asked. My mind was thinking so many thoughts.
I now have a path that I can see and love. I know what I want and how it will
make me happy.
Thanks for all your help, Ingrid.”

Kelly McConville – Interior Designer