The Attitude Of Gratitude

When life is going well, it’s easy to appreciate all the good things we have and the
wonderful people we know and love. Thankfulness flows freely when things are
easy and smooth.
So what happens when the going gets tough? Do you complain and moan and
get into ‘victim mode’, wailing and gnashing your teeth and blaming all and
sundry for what ails you? It’s often the default setting when life gets out of control
and things don’t go as well as planned. When you feel low, it’s easy to forget the
good things in your life. And it can be difficult to know how to get you move
out of depression and blame and find your gratitude.
I had a friend who was married to the man of her dreams for over fifty years.
She and her husband were completely devoted to one another. They were a joy to
be around and their love and mutual respect was an inspiration to everyone who
met them. The lady became ill and battled cancer for many years, until, sadly,
she passed away, leaving her husband totally devastated and crushed by grief.
His pain was palpable and he could hardly bear his loss.
What helped him get through his terrible grief was the realization that what he
and his wife had had together is very rare and most people never even come close
to that kind of relationship, even for a short time. The fact that they’d had it for
all their adult lives, for more than half a century, helped him appreciate the gift of
his marriage and the blessings he had been given. Once he felt gratitude for that
incredible gift, he could begin to heal and get the peace he was looking for.
It is a wonderful exercise to spend a short time each day listing the things you are
grateful for in your life. It may only be a small thing such as the nice cup of tea you
had for breakfast or it may be a big thing like the cruise you’ve just booked.
The size or the nature of the object of gratitude doesn’t matter. The
important thing is to set up the vibration of gratitude. While you’re thinking about
the things to be grateful for, you’re raising your vibration and this, in turn, will set
your day up for you in a very positive way. When you do this first thing every day,
you begin each day on a high note, a vibration of happiness and calm. If you have
read any of my other posts, you’ll know that when you put out that kind of positive
energy, you just have to have a brilliant day!
When you add one brilliant day to another and then another – pretty soon you
have a brilliant life. To get help in achieving your brilliant life, get some Life
and NLP.
Now that’s something to be grateful for!
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