The Best Asset You Have Is Yourself

There’s a scary thought! The best asset you have is yourself – wow, the
responsibility! But it’s absolutely true. You are indeed the best asset you will
ever have. Your experience, your particular combination of character traits and
genes, your personality, they all go to make up that unique person that is you.
And that unique person, that you, is an amazing resource to solve all the issues
and problems in your own life!
Think about it – what an empowering mindset that is!
You are in charge of your own life, you are uniquely equipped to solve all your
own issues, by tapping into your own inner wisdom. Everyone has, deep inside
themselves, the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of how they can best live
their own meaningful life – even you! That’s right…
In our society, it’s very common to play the blame game – it’s the governments
fault, it’s my parents fault, it’s the churches fault, it’s the councils fault but
it’s never my fault. We give all our power away to anyone who’ll take it, just so
we won’t have to make our own decisions and take responsibility for our own lives.
Isn’t it time you took back your power?
Isn’t it time you became the architect of your own life?
Isn’t it time you made your own decisions and defended them?
The answer is – YES!
Why do you think we hand over our power so willingly?
I believe it’s because it can appear easier to go along with the crowd, to be told
how to live our lives and to be a follower. And, superficially at least, it probably is.
There’s a mindlessness about not thinking too deeply and not looking at the
real causes of your unhappiness. You can just go about your daily living in a
fog and never have to deal with anything or or grow as a human being. It’s
bland, beige and safe – up to a point! It’s been said that most people go through
life in a trance of disempowerment – do you?
Why are you here on the planet at this time? Is it to be a mindless cog in the
machine or do you have a grander purpose?
And, if you have a grander purpose, what is it?
You are the best person to discover your own grander purpose, you know your
unique experience and personality better than anyone else and you have been
given all the gifts, strengths and attributes to find your own grander purpose
and to get onto your own grander life path and live a life of meaning and joy.
That’s right…
Life Coaching is the ideal tool to help you tap into those assets that make you
you. Life Coaching will help you dig deep and find strengths and talents you
may not realize are there so you can discover your own grander purpose and live
the life you were meant to live, a life of empowerment and learning.
You are indeed, the best asset you have. Now is the time to start using that

When you want help to find the assets you have inside yourself right now, call Ingrid on 0416 243 444 for your free 15 minute consultation to discover which life coaching package is right for you.

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