The Magic of NLP – My Personal Journey

Whilst having been aware of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), for many years, I had never really studied it or read much about it. As a Naturopath I was exposed to and involved in many different modalities to help people deal with their physical and emotional problems and move forward in their lives.

In fact, over the years, peoples emotional problems became the main focus of my Practice. I used a combination of kinesiolgy, counselling and Bach Flower therapy as well as nutritional advice and aromatherapy to get pretty good results. People changed, they became happier and more focused and it seemed as though I had all the techniques I needed.

However, one day I met a new patient who was very depressed and contemplating suicide. This was not a new thing for me so I proceeded to do what I did in these cases. I saw her several times and she was not getting any better. In fact, I was surprised every time she turned up for her next appointment as I didn’t feel we were making any progress at all.

Out of frustration, I said to myself, ‘There must be a better way, something faster and more effective than what I am doing. After all, I have been doing this for a long time. Surely there is a more effective technique out there by now.’

Of course, as soon as I had put those thoughts out there, I had a response from the universe – in the form of an email inviting me to a free 3 day seminar. I enrolled in the seminar and dragged along my semi-reluctant husband and my extremely resistant son.

After 3 long and daunting days I found I had got rid of quite a few bits of my ‘stuff’ and noticed that the people around me had also got rid of ‘stuff’. I felt clear and focused and decided I would enrol in the 2 NLP training courses on offer. Surprisingly, my son did the same.

We completed the 2 courses within 3 months and I immediately began offering it to my clients with amazingly profound and rapid results. The patient who had triggered my quest for something new, came back and after only 2 ½ hours was restored to a happy, focused and positive person.

During the course of the trainings, I was able to easily and permanently eliminate a whole raft of beliefs and decisions which had been holding me back for most of my life. I have eliminated depression as an issue in my life and have also come to a peaceful understanding and gratitude about my childhood and family.

I have become more positive and happier than ever before and feel totally inspired by these wonderful technologies for personal growth. I have been privileged to empower many people and have myself become empowered through this work.

I would urge everyone to avail themselves of any opportunity to get NLP/Life Coaching to maximise their experience on the planet. I am so grateful to the person who sent me the invitation to the seminar and to this day I do not know who that person is.

Know that the universe provides what you need and if you have read this far, it means that there is something for you in the magic of NLP and Life Coaching.

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