The Past Does Not Equal The Future

Are you defined by the pain of your past?
Do you find it difficult to move beyond the trauma that has happened in your life?
Until you let go of the past, nothing in your life will improve.

You are not your past. Let me repeat that for you – you are not your past. You are, in fact, so much more than you will ever know, if only you will give it a try and take that first step towards letting go of the past.
When you focus on the events of the past, for example, your relationship broke up because your partner was abusive, and all you think about is ‘abusive’, it’s a fairly safe bet that your next partner will also be abusive. As long as you continue to focus on ‘abusive’ and ignore your inner self which is saying you deserve better, you will get more ‘abusive.’

To break out of this cycle of ‘abusive’ (or whatever other cycle you may be in), you need to do something different. The absolute best different thing you can do is to go within and work through your pain and self worth issues. Life Coaching is the ideal tool to help you do this, quickly and permanently.
Once you have decided you deserve a happy, respectful and fulfilling relationship/job/life and start to focus on this, then voila! What you focus on is what you will bring into your life.

My clients are always amazed at this. They may come to me with all sorts of ideas on what is causing the things that are not working in their lives. We always work on changing the self and then, shock, horror, the people around them appear to change as well.

It sounds like magic and feels like magic. The reason it works is because when you are different, you project differently out into the world, people perceive you differently and therefore, appear to behave differently towards you. In actual fact, your own perception is what has changed. When you approach the world from a place of self esteem and true, inner happiness, the world and the people in it, become a very different experience.
This is true, regardless of how horrific your past has been. I work with clients who have experienced the vilest forms of abuse and suffering, yet, when they choose to do so, they change their lives forever and become empowered, focused and deeply happy individuals who achieve the most incredible things.

Look at yourself and your life honestly. Do you really want to keep reliving the drama and the pain of the past? You don’t have to, you can make an amazing life whenever you choose. Decide now to re-define yourself, let the past go by learning the positive lessons that are there and then use these lessons to forge your amazing future.

Don’t let this drag on another day, make that call to get Life Coaching and prepare to soar!

When you are ready to change your future in a powerful and positive way, right now, call Ingrid, The Happiness Coach, on 0416 243 444 for your FREE 15 minute consultation to discover which life coaching package is right for you.

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