The Sad Passing of Maggie Mae Parks

BLOG 23rd April 2015
This is not something I have written about before but something about which I’m very passionate.
As a cat lover and owner for my whole life and an animal lover in general, I often join animal related Facebook Groups which interest me. I’ve been a member of the Black Cat Appreciation Group for quite some time now and through this group I was introduced to a little rescue kitten, Maggie Mae Parks.

Maggie was a long haired tortoise shell girl with one damaged eye, a damaged leg and serious health problems. The people who rescued her made her a Facebook page of her own and related her adventures in a very beguiling and heart warming way. We cheered as she gained a little weight, learned to scale the curtains and wrestle with her sibling rescue family.

Maggie Mae Parks

Yesterday, Maggie went into the vet’s for surgery on her eye and to be speyed. Although the surgery was successful, she never woke up and passed away on the operating table.

I find myself deeply saddened by the death of this special needs little kitten and feel as though I’ve lost one of my own cats, such was the connection created by the Facebook page.

To all those wonderful animal rescuers out there, you deserve the support of everyone in the community for giving disadvantaged animals of all kinds, love, warmth and protection. I salute you.

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