Who Are You Really?

That may seem like a silly question. You may be thinking, ‘I know exactly who I
am, I’m me!’…
But who is me?
Are you a mother, a sister, a wife, a victim, a business professional?
You may DO all those things but do they define who you really are?
We often become bogged down with so-called definitions of who we are. These
definitions are created from our upbringing, our past and our particular model of
the world. They’re not necessarily who we really are.
Most people are not in touch with the real ‘me’. They align themselves with a
series of labels and then act out the parts that those labels describe. For example
– ‘I am a mother” is a statement of a job – ‘I take care of my family, I cook and clean
for them, I am their mentor and guide, I teach them values etc’. It’s all a job
description rather than a description of the person who carries out the job.
It’s a very sad thing for a person to go through their whole life and either choose
to ignore or even not recognize the real person inside.
My mother, is a great example of this. She died at the age of 83, believing life is
a struggle, life is unfair and there is misery and lack wherever you look.
Only a year or so before she died, a cousin asked me about a medal that my mother
had apparently won. I had no idea what she was talking about so I asked my mother
if it was true. She said it was. She’d been awarded the Dutch equivalent of the
Victoria Cross for her work in the Underground in World War 11! I was completely
amazed at this information and when I asked why she had never told us, she said
she didn’t think we’d be interested.
How sad for Mum that she was so out of touch with herself and so disconnected
with her achievements that she didn’t feel she could share something so special
with her children and be proud of who she was and what she had done.
Think about where you are in your life and ask yourself – ‘Who am I really?’
Listen for the reply, really listen for the real you, the message from your heart.
At some point in life it’s vital that you reconnect with the real you so you can
achieve what you are here to achieve. If you are being defined purely by what you
do, you’re missing the opportunity to really connect with yourself and with
When you come from the heart space of integrity and truth of your true self,
you open yourself up to an amazing life. Sometimes we need help to rediscover
our inner truth. Life Coaching and NLP can help you reconnect with your inner truth.
Don’t delay, do it now, the rest of your magnificent life is waiting.

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