Who Are Your Friends?

Who do you hang out with?
Do the people you spend time with support you and bring out your very best?
Are they positive, happy and full of life?
Since I’ve been a Life Coach, I’ve come to realize that the people you hang out
with are a reflection of you. If you’re not achieving all you can in your life, look
around at your friends and see what they’re doing. More than likely, they’re
not setting the world on fire either.
If your friends are pressuring you to be and do things you’re not comfortable with,
then it’s time to get new friends.
Are you happy with the reflection that’s shining out at the world through your

Think about this and you’ll realize it’s absolutely true. Drug addicts hang out with
other drug addicts and that’s one reason they find it hard to break out of that
lifestyle – it means they have to leave all their friends. And, especially in
Australia, there is a culture that you ‘stick with your mates.’
If your friends are not empowering you to be amazing in your life, then how
can you change that situation now?
When you change your mindset and decide to be different, you may very well
find that your friends will drop out of your life anyway. When you change, the
dynamics of the relationship changes and if they aren’t getting what they’ve
always got from you, they often lose interest in continuing on in the friendship.
Then, as you grow and improve your outlook, you will find that you start to
make new friends who are more in alignment with the new you.
I’ve found this in my own life. The more Life Coaching and NLP I have done
and the more I’ve changed, the more my friends have changed as well. Some
people don’t like it when a person decides to change so they choose to move on,
leaving space then for new friends to come along.
My personal belief is that not every one is meant to be in your life forever,
whether that be a friend, lover, spouse or even family member. When you have
both learned what you needed to learn from the relationship, it’s time to move
onto the next set of lessons with someone else.
This is not as hard an attitude as it may sound. If we assume we are all on this
planet to learn, then the best way to do that is to continually strive to grow and
improve ourselves. We all do this at our own pace, so sometimes one person will
outstrip another along the way. This is not a reason to feel regret but rather to
feel joy at the lessons learned and excitement for the lessons still to come.

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