Why Are You Here?

What is the purpose of your life?
Is there a point to your existence?
These are serious questions and often the answers are difficult to find.
Many people meander through life wondering who, what, why and what if…
It’s great to think about this from time to time, however, if you’re spending
most of your life wondering and not getting any answers or taking any action,
you are virtually wasting your life. Sad but true.
The problem with asking continually is that there is no space for the answers
to come through and be heard. A more productive way would be to ask…
wait…listen…take action. It works. Leave space for the answer to come and you
will be amazed at the information you receive.
A great technique is to pose the question, clearly and precisely, just before
going to bed, be mindful of the question whilst falling asleep, ask it again when
you wake and, hey presto, the answer should be there. It is also helpful to write
the question down and place it on your bedside table so you see it as soon as you
wake up.
You can use this technique to find answers to the large issues in your life and
also the small ones. It’s foolproof. If you think you’re not getting the answer,
check again, it probably means you’re getting an answer but it’s not the answer
you want!
This is something I learned from Life Coaching and NLP and find it an invaluable
resource. The answers always come, you usually know them already anyway but
it’s good to have it confirmed.
So, for the answer to life, the universe and everything (it’s 42, by the way), get
into the habit of posing your question at bedtime and wait for the answer to appear.
The next step is, of course, to take action now!

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